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Why building a Chinese website?

What is the hottest concept in the 21st century? The China Concept! Everyday, there are tens of millions of Chinese merchants and companies trying to know more about products from other countries, about everything overseas.What is spreading at the highest speed in the 21st century? The Internet. Millions of Chinese people are surfing on the Internet for outside news.However, most of the Chinese Internet users do not understand English. According to studies by the IDC,the amount of products bought by users from websites in their own language is over 4 times than that from a website in a foreign language;more than 95% Internet users search for information in their mother tongue. Therefore, although your website may be accessed worldwide,it may not be accepted by Chinese Internet users. Lack of a Chinese version of your website will greatly restrict your marketing effects for your business in China.
Do you want to make your product more popular in China? Do you want to draw more attention from the Chinese people? Then, have your own Chinese website built up! Without doubt this is the most important and critical Internet marketing strategy for your website here in China.

Build a Chinese website suitable for all local users.

Website Construction Service:
We provides professional translation services for websites in Chinese and foreign languages.The project team consisting of professional website designers and translators offers an integrated service covering webpage design, translation,art design, image processing etc.Website localization does not mean construction of a website in the Chinese language only.A localized website requires a uniform design that conforms to the Chinese culture and the browsing habits of Chinese Internet users.Furthermore, a high-standard translation adds to your confidence for entering the Chinese market!
On the basis of the in-depth knowledge about the Chinese culture and rich experience of information and network technologies.Detitech supplies integrated multilingual solution for enterprise website construction with the professional translation team and IT work team:we can undertake comprehensive design and development of a Chinese website, translation and redesign of the Chinese version of any website currently in a foreign language, or the construction of a new Chinese version website.We provides language solutions for your enterprise website, promoting your business to the whole world.

Process of Website Construction:
Contents & Process for the Construction of a Chinese Website:?
1. Preliminary analysis of the original website, determining the contents to be translated.
2. Evaluation of the style of the Chinese pages to be designed, with suggestions made.
3. Translation into Chinese according to the characteristics of the specific business.
4. Webpage design according to the translated information.


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