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Our Service

Domain name registration, Host and e-mailbox service

We adhere to "quality first, customer-oriented" corporate spirit. Over years' arduous efforts, we have registered Chinese and English domain name, provided approximately 50 thousand hosts and e-mailboxes for our customers successively, offering high-quality and stable domain, host and e-mailbox service for our customers.

YG is one of the largest visual host service providers which provides tens of thousands of enterprises with prompt, stable and safe visual host service. To ensure the safest and most reliable operation of the server, all the servers adopted in our are the most advanced servers, installed in the telecommunications machine rooms. They can be joined up to the mainframe of ChinaNet from two nodal points with two optical fibers through kilomega routers to ensure the reliability of network connection. To guarantee customers' websites to operate with high efficiency and reliability, we only arrange limited visual host computer to each server, as a result, the quantity of our servers are far more than that of other counterparts.

Keeping up with international advanced technology, our DNS analyzing system is a load balancing system consisting of dozens of high-configuration servers which can undertake gigantic load and inquiries, can support automatic analysis with high efficiency of million-level domain name. We are equipped with Exabyte cassette stock with great capacity and a Legato backup system to make regular data backup for our customers. In addition, our load flow balancing system, SSL encrypting transmission equipments are also serving our customers around the clock.

We are dedicated to the research and development of mail system platform and related applications. By making full use of our leading technological achievements in the industry, we have developed our own Email system (C-BASEMAIL) which was successfully launched in the market in mid-1999 and rapidly popularized in universities and colleges, well-known enterprises and telecommunication systems throughout China.

Portal Website and System Development Service

With the popularity of the network and development of the technology, ordinary websites can not meet the needs and are developing towards portal websites. We used to constructed portal websites or large-scale informatization application projects for hundreds of units. As a result of continuous experience accumulation, we developed various systems to satisfy the requirements of large-scale applications, such as Content Management System (C-CMS, C-CMS Content Management System is an application system launched to be specially directed to the content editing and release of internet websites by conducting long-term in-depth analysis in accordance with the website construction needs of governments and enterprises and combining the actual experience of successfully implementing these website construction projects), Huawangtong Website Construction System, OA Office Automatic System (C-OA, C-OA Office Automatic System is a network office system products solution of the fifth generation launched by for extensive users from enterprises, institutions and government organs), Electronic Government (C-EGOV, a self-developed electronic government affairs solution launched by with its many years¡¯ experiences of implementing informatization for governments and units from various industries and by combining the latest achievements of the IT development under the care and support of the Science and Technology Commission of Anhui Municipality, i.e. C-EGOV Platform. The platform is a trans-department and trans-platform coordinated office system and information management with high security and applicability in line with the current national government affairs standards, and it can customize application systems promptly and flexibly according to actual needs.), Application Framework of Middleware (C-JM), Electronic Commerce Solution (C-ECOMMERCE), Public Supply and Demand System, Purchase-Sale-Storage System (C-FLOWMIS), Online Communication System, Audio & Video System based on the Web, etc. These systems get perfected constantly in the actual application process so that we can meet our customers¡¯ need faster and better.

Website design service

YG has been devoted to providing the most suitable website construction service to users since 1997, trying its best to enable every user to have its own website.

Our professional website design engineers will customize different design plan for our customers in accordance with the industry, background as well as the corporate culture of each customer; and each time, we will work out two or more demonstration scheme for our customer to select. "To satisfy our customer is the goal we always pursue".

This is the undertaking that we are striving for. What we are proud of is not only that we have provided website construction service for famous enterprises in the world such as Hitachi, Olympus, VS Sassoon, Trident Multimedia, etc, also not that those famous domestic enterprises and institutions such as Bright Dairy, Bird Handset, Oriental Radio Station, Anhui Real Estate Group, Shanxi Jingcheng Television Station have chosen our service, but also we have made suitable, splendid but cost-efficient websites for over tens of thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises.

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