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1. What is Keyword?

Keyword is one of the new accessing ways to internet, which is the real-world brand¡¯s extension and incorporeal property in the network. It is also a new generation of network accessing technology, which can help users get the companies and products¡¯ information directly by inputting the name of company, product, trademark etc. into browser, search engines, regional infoports and so on.

2. The functions and advantages of Keyword

1. Keyword is exclusive category of goods or services. Keyword Registration can prevent or obstruct another person from re-registering the same or one that may cause misunderstanding and confusion. the Keyword Registration makes the users have the right to take legal actions against the unscrupulous traders of counterfeit.

2. Keyword Registration can promote the competitive forces and popularity of the enterprises, and win the trust of consumers on the Internet.

3. Avoid infringement upon the trademark right with no intention and payment large amount of compensation money, Keyword s registration can guarantee the owner feel relieved to use the trademark.

4. Keyword is the incorporeal property of enterprises

Keyword can protect brand resources, making the influence of the original brand out of line transfer into online influence, It also makes the company and its products more prominent and significant in the search results and set up industry-leading image

5. Inputting Keyword into IE Address, users can get the information of company and product directly without inputting the complicated Domain Name, website, such as http£º//www. .com

3. The differences between Trademark and Keyword

1. Different application targets

Trademark, as a mark of goods or related service,can only be used for real goods or service, while Keyword, as a mark of online enterprise users, can only be used online.

2. Different Identification base

The identity of Trademark comes from its conspicuously. When the legal entity is different or operating different products or services, two or more same trademarks can be registered at the same time?. While the identity of Keyword depends on its uniqueness. No matter what type of the business the legal entity is operating and no matter whether they were in a different countries or regions, they can not register the same Keyword.

3. Different exclusivity base

The exclusivity will loss when Trademark is apply to the different types of merchandises or services, or beyond the boundary of the registration applied, or beyond the valid period of registration. While Keyword has neither territoriality nor timeliness restrain. As long as the maintenance fees be payed timely, it can exclude the other Keyword that registered or will be registered indefinitely and globally.

4. Different registration principles

Different countries have different trademark registration principles, some countries adopt ¡°first registration, first get¡±, Some countries adopt ¡°first use, first get¡±, the rest countries adopt the mixed principle. The Keyword registration principle is ¡°first registration, first get¡±, the corporates can¡¯t use it on the internet unless register it.

5. Different procedures of register

The trademark registration is respectively carried out by various countries or local Specialized agency based on the local laws independently. Examination of Trademark Registration is only limited to the country or the area, it is possible that two corporates share the same trademark. Keyword registration is carried out by the registration centers in different countries on the same internet, the corporate can¡¯t register the Keyword unless it is available. Therefore, the Keywords which have been registered are unique worldwide. It never happens that two corporates share the same Keyword.


4. The condition of the Keyword registration

Any individuals, enterprises, organization associations, education units and so on could apply for the registration.
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