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What is Domain Name?
Compared with IP address, Domain Name is a character sign which is like a doorplate number on internet, it's used to identify and orient hiberarchy of computer on internet. But it is different from IP address, Domain Name is more easier and convenient to understand and remember. Domain name is one of fundamental Internet services, base on which application services such as www, email and FTP can be provided.

Registration Principle of .CN Domain Name
Its principle is ˇ°First come, First serviceˇ±. Its opening and equity feature can make sure any formal application be accepted by CNNIC. You may register a CN domain name with not more than 63 English letters containing A-Z, a-z, 0-9 and hyphen (-). Capital and small letters are equivalent.

The type of .CN Domain Name

Why to register .CN Domain Name? Merit of registering .CN Domain Name
1. It is a distinct identifier, representing registrants' value and orientation;
2. It complies with Chinese laws, which can fully protect users' interests;
3. All its services are provided in Chinese language, which may protect users' right to know;
4. It has simple and convenient registration procedures;
5. It is more secured in use;
6. It is in favor of maintaining the information security of national networks.

How to choose the Domain Name well?
Some suggestions to give a Domain Name
In short of company name(Chinese & English)
Registered trademark of the product
Advertising words of company
Simple and interesting name, such as hello, how are you,yes,168 etc.

How to do when Domain Name Dispute?
Any organization or individual may claim on domain name dispute(s) to dispute resolution institution, when they deem their own legal rights and interests being breached by certain domain name registered by others.
Dispute resolution institutions in details. i.e. China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Center and Hong Kong International Arbitration Center.

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