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What is an ASIA domain name ?

.Asia is a new sTLD that signals a presence in the Asia/Pacific region rather than a specific country. It is unrestricted, meaning anyone can register a .asia domain name.

.ASIA domain name registration regulation

Domain names can only contain characters from A to Z, 0 - 9;
Domain names may contain "hyphen/-" but may not begin or end with a hyphen;
Spaces and special characters, such as question marks (?), exclamation points (!), and underscores (_) are never permitted;
All domains must have at least 2 name servers and IPs listed at all times

Domain name can not have hyphens as the 3rd and 4th characters (reserved for multilingual domain registration)

What is the length for an ASIA domain name?
The registry requires a minimum of 3 characters. The maximum permitted is 63 characters.
Why to register an ASIA domain name?

When world other countries in searches for the Asian information, no matter is the related China's development , India's trade or takes vacation to Malaysia, they can search informations by use ¡°Asia¡± as the key words. The Overture statistical data demonstrated that ©o contains ¡°Asia¡± the phrase search compared to contain ¡°EU¡± the phrase to surpass 20 times ©o compared to contain ¡°Europe¡± surpass 5 times. Asia domain name provided the simple direct method ©o to expand your company in on-line coverage, covers the whole Asia market comprehensively to Asia's entrance for you, lets you unfold your value of the Asian market .

Asia will become the global enterprise and individual first choice in Asian establishment status . Along with Asia's rising, the Asia steps onto the international big stage gradually. The Asia domain name is set up specially for Asia, it surpass nationality domain name's limitation, provides richer resources and the opportunity! The Asia domain name indicate Asia's nature , as the top international domain name, it is not only on Internet's global marking, also has the regional important meaning.

Who can register for an ASIA domain name?
Any individual, business or organization based in Asia will be able to apply for a website address in the¡®Dot asia' domain. At least one of the Domain Contacts associated with the Domain Name (Registrant, Admin, Billing or Technical) must be a legal entity in the DotAsia Community
If I do not have a contact located in Asia to fulfill the charter eligibility requirement, what to do?
We understand that not everyone who wants to enter the Asian market has a representative or juristic entity located in Asia. Therefore, we can assist you in satisfying the charter eligibility requirement by lending you a ¡°local presence¡±¡ª saving you the trouble and expense.
What are the Free services that offer together with the domain registration?
By registering a domain name with us, you not only get the domain name you want,but also entitled our value-added services and products including Free URL forwarding, Free e-mail forwarding, Free sub-domain, Free DNS Hosting and Free management.
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